The FARMATUB tube sealer is a compact and reliable machine specially designed for sealing cosmetic or farmaceutical tubes in short runs.

The FARMATUB is an impulse sealer heating from both sides which can seal tubes made of any material: Poliethylene, PVC, laminates,….

It works in a very simple way: the operator presses the lever to open the jaws and place the tube in between. By releasing the lever the jaws come back to their natural closed position holding the tube to be sealed in vertical position. Then by pressing a button the operator activates the heating impulse (The sealing time can be set depending on the tube material). A pilot light will indicate the end of the sealing impulse, then the sealing should cool down under pressure for 2-3 seconds before the operator takes the sealed tube away and places the next one to repeat the operation. 


Sealing length

100 mm

Sealing width

4 mm

Dimensions (cm)

28 x 17 x H 30

Weight (Kg)



220 V / 1 Ph / 50-60 Hz

Consumption (when sealing)

800 W


Examples of applications


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