These small tabletop sealers have been designed to seal laminated bags (Aluminium/Polyethilene, Paper/Polyethylene,...) for small to medium productions when limited work space is available.

The working operation is very simple: once the machine is plugged you must select your working temperature (0º - 300 ºC).

A led will be lit until the heating bar reaches the selected temperature. Once the light turns off the machine will be ready to use. To seal the bag you must simply introduce the bag between the sealing jaws and smoothly  press the sealing bar for a few seconds.

Main features of these machines are their High quality wide seal and their friendly use.

The models HC-200, HC-300 and HC-500 include a cutting device .


§  Medical: Medical pouches of polypropilene/paper, paper/paper, …..

§  Food: In coffee or tea shops, for flower, spices, ….

§  Industrial: Bags with a cartoon header.                                    



Sealing length (mm)200300500
Sealing width (mm)81212
Consumption (W)80130150
Voltage220 V- 1 phase 220 V - 1 phase220 V- 1 phase
Net weight (Kg)2'1003'5004

Examples of applications


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